Our Journey

Chapter 1. OREGON – May 2019

We arrived in Portland, Oregon in May. At this time, we didn’t think about RV or RV-ing at all. We simply figured to travel with our car and spend our time between AirBnB homes and extended stay hotels with our Bonvoy and Choice Hotels memberships. We did make plans for the summer, which we wanted to spend in Canada.

We had the car now, but we were still waiting for the rest of the items we shipped at the last minute. All in all, we shipped 15 footlockers and 3 large boxes full of items. Even that amount would get later downsized to 5 footlockers and 2 large boxes.

Seeing how many things we would need on our journey with our car alone, we decided to get a car roof rack installed to help carry all the necessary belongings for us. Dana picked large Yakima and to this day the rack is a trusted companion to our RV.

We were staying in a cute cottage in rural area of Oregon, nestled in the middle of woods and fields. The location was so peaceful and idyllic – bunnies were hopping around, leisurely munching on grass, chickens were clucking inside their coop. There was a large grill outside and a hammock strung up between trees to take naps in. The owners who lived in the house nearby our cottage were the perfect hosts, friendly but not obtrusive.

We stayed here a week, as we were waiting for the final shipment of our footlockers, but lo and behold, the shipment didn’t arrive on time. We wanted to extend our stay, but the cottage was already booked for someone else.

Off to the internet we went, to find something suitable for another week as we waited.

We found a cozy apartment (part of a historical house) in Silverton, Oregon. The town is perfect to walk around, with delicious cafés, beautiful murals along the river and one of the best Thai restaurants I’ve ever been to (outside of Thailand).


The drive to Silverton Falls is an absolute must.

A week passed and the shipment stalled once more. We couldn’t wait any longer, as we made plans beforehand in Washington state and had to be off.

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