Our Journey

Chapter 3. – CANADA, Kelowna – June 2019


Off we went to our next destination – Canada.

The Canadian border was an interesting experience to say the least. The border police asked us a few questions and off we went to the border control. They did ask us when was the last time we traveled to Canada and we said a long time ago. The control officer pointed us towards the building and told us we needed to get our passports checked.

We parked and went in. Nobody was waiting inside and the only person inside the building was a young female officer. She took our passports and told us to sit and wait, which we did. Ten minutes passes, fifteen, then twenty. After about twenty five minutes of waiting, she stood up from the computer, handed us our passports and told us “have a good day”. A tad bizarre, but we weren’t complaining (much).



Our first pit stop was just above the border, in the lake town of Kelowna, which sits on Okanagan Lake. Lakes and bodies of water big and small will be a reoccurring theme throughout the blog, as Dana is an avid fisherman. I am an avid reader, so I get to sit next to him and read – a win-win for both of us.


The apartment we rented was in a basement, which is becoming a more and more popular thing to do. I understand that some cities only allow AirBnB to be rented as part of an already occupied dwelling, but it was a bit of a shock for us to roll to the house and find out that the stairs into the apartment were tucked next to the garbage bins, leading us down, under the house.

The apartment itself was bright enough and had everything we needed, large bedroom, kitchen with all the necessities for cooking, a spacious living room with a tv and a bathroom with a washer and a dryer.

True, it was on us to ask questions ahead of time, or to read the reviews that clearly stated that this was, in fact, a basement unit. This also would be reoccurring theme in our travels. Sometimes we just don’t learn very fast.


The town itself was rather sad. There were homeless people everywhere – on the streets, in the parks, on benches and sidewalks. The police were out in stride as well, so we didn’t feel unsafe, just a little surprised and not at all like taking an evening stroll on a regular basis.


At this time the final shipment arrived! YAY! Dana’s daughter shipped them to our friends in Washington and once it arrived there, we drove back to Manson, WA to pick-up the final few items we needed.

You can ask why didn’t we just buy what we needed on the way, which would be logical, but the items we shipped were all to do with Dana’s business and were necessary for him to keep working on the road (a portable shredder and a printer that couldn’t just be purchased anywhere). Had we known it would take this long to receive the shipment, we would’ve had it shipped directly to our friend’s house, but alas…it’s easier to see what we could have, should have, and might have done in retrospect.

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