Our Journey

Chapter 7. – ACROSS CANADA – Aug/Sept 2019

Our month in Edmonton came to an end and ahead of us lay 2,100 miles (or 3379 kilometers) of roads from Edmonton to London, Ontario. We decided to stay in Canada, instead of going back and forth across the U.S. and Canadian borders. We kept on following Highway 1 all the way across.

Dana drove as much as possible.  We didn’t sight-see or spend a lot of time in one place, since we needed to be in London, Ontario in 4 days, which took us 2 days instead with Dana’s outstanding stamina and driving skills.

About halfway through our trip, we stopped at the town of Kenora for a quick lunch and heard this strange noise coming from our car. I originally thought it was caused by wind going between our car and our Yakima storage unit that is on top of our Volvo. It was sort of this deep rumbling and whooshing sound. I told Dana that I would keep checking to see if I heard it again. We had a lovely pit stop in Kenora, although we decided to eat in a Mexican fast food joint that we had never heard of before. Another bad sign was that there were no customers inside, just two young kids working behind the counter, but we went in and I guess hoped for the best.

We ordered our classics that we always order in every Mexican fast food place – Dana, 3 meat tacos with veggies, which came with rice and beans. I ordered a meatless burrito, with rice, beans, veggies, and guac. I guess they had to scrape the rice from the bottom of their pan, because it was as hard as if it wasn’t cooked at all and I almost broke my tooth on it. Oh well, at least the drinks were tasty 😀

After that Dana kept on driving well through the night and through a hellacious rain-storm, the latter derailing us and stopping us in our tracks in a tiny little hamlet called Ignace, by a lake called Lake of the Woods.

We were in luck, as our internet search found us a small motel called The Lone Pine Inn, located right on the lake. It was summer, so we thought it would be fully booked, but we were happy to find that they had the last room for us to rent for the night. It came with a kitchenette and balcony with two chairs and a small table. It was wild to watch the storm rage over the lake for hours.

The next day Dana really pushed himself and the car – driving over 686 miles (or 1104 kilometers), arriving at Batchawana Bay on Lake Superior just in time for dinner and a small cottage right on the bay.

If you are ever in this area, I highly recommend this little spot. It’s called ‘The Voyageurs’ and they have everything you possibly need – gas station, general store, delicious bakery, restaurant, and cottages to rent. They come fully equipped with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and room service, if needed.

The whole place is right on the lake with gorgeous sunset views of the whole bay. We were sad that we couldn’t hang out around here a bit longer, but our car was making more and more unusual noises that we didn’t like, so we hoped and prayed that it would be OK to get us to London Ontario, which it thankfully did.

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