MA - Massachusetts

KOA Boston/Cape Cod

We usually don’t stay in KOAs very much, given a choice. But we hit a snag at this point in our trip and there weren’t that many choices around.

Our Stay: 21 – 25 August, 2020

Price: $62 a night with KOA membership (gives you 10% off)

Check-in: 1:00 p.m.

Check-out: 11:00 a.m.

Check-in process: there is no gate and there is currently no access to the general store/front desk building. A KOA staff member waits outside the building with sign up sheet and hands you all your paperwork with the assigned site number.

Roads: Paved road leading towards the front of the KOA campground, then gravel and dirt

Sites: are pretty tight and one of our ‘neighbors’ was making a fire that was less than a foot away from the side of our trailer (yikes!). The site given to us was towards the front of the campground and pretty even. The water was on the other side of our trailer, so we had to run the hose around the trailer in order to get to it.

Amenities: the pool was opened on sign-up basis, which is pretty standard at the moment. I didn’t check the laundry or showers, since we weren’t staying here long enough.

Scary moment:  The campground is in really good condition – they do a lot of maintenance and their staff cares about the place. This was obvious on our first day when we went out to shop for some groceries and on our way we experienced this incredibly powerful storm. We didn’t realize how strong the rain or the wind really was during the storm, because we were inside a Walmart store while the storm raged. It was done and over in about 45 minutes, but the damage afterwards was more than apparent. There were lot of downed trees, electric poles, debris etc. everywhere.

As we later found out, the wind force was at one point at 65 mph. The staff at the campground had workers with chainsaws and cleaning crew out as soon as they could. They also kept sending us text messages with updates about the weather forecast and when our electricity will be restored (one of the electric poles was down and we lost electricity for about 24 hrs).

The response was prompt and we knew what was going on at all times, which just shows how organized they are.

Trash: they do on site pick-up, but there are trash bins around the campground as well

Pool: well maintained and clean. Pool sign-up sheet gets full on weekends. On weekdays, there is no sign-up and the pool – just like the park – is pretty quiet.

Accessibility: This is probably one of the biggest upsides to the KOA campgrounds overall – they are usually located in very convenient places and are close to towns, attractions etc. This one is no different – it’s less than half an hour away from the famous town of Plymouth, MA.

Overall nice enough park with lots of cabins, seasonal sites and sites with full hook-ups. It’s rather pricey, but for what it offers in sense of location it’s hard to beat. Their response to a disastrous situation was really efficient and they did everything in their power to fix and repair all the major damage and to restore power to the campground as soon as possible.

Website: KOA Boston/Cape Cod

Address:  438 Plymouth St., Middleboro, MA 02346



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