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Quinebaug Cove RV Campground


This was the only terrible campground experience we’ve had so far during our travels as full time RV-ers. On one hand, it’s just a testament that campgrounds and the RV community in general is a very safe and positive environment. On the other, it’s sad that even an isolated incident like this one exists at all.

We actually haven’t spend any time at this campground and this place was the reason we had to reschedule a week and a half of our travels and spend some time in at a KOA, which in retrospect wasn’t bad at all, but it did cost us an extra $280 we didn’t plan on spending. But I guess that’s what an emergency fund is for, after all.

What happened:

We booked this campground through RPI – Resort Parks International, of which we are members. We never had any problems with booking through RPI before.

We arrived around noon, parked our car with trailer in tow and went into the office building. I already had a weird feeling about this place – things were looking less than stellar, with cracked pavement and potholed roads.

As we entered the office building, the guy didn’t greet us or acknowledge us in any way, shape, or form until we approached him and told him we were here to check-in.

He told us he didn’t have any check-ins scheduled for today, which was already odd. We told him that we had reserved through RPI and that’s when things went a bit sideways.

He just got really rude and mean, telling us that we would need a travel form if we were coming from out of state due to COVID and that we needed to present him a negative COVID test (we didn’t need any of that, because we spend over a month in NY State, which is one of the low rate states, and doesn’t require us to carry a negative COVID test or a travel form in the state of Massachusetts ).

He said, “How would he know where we were coming from?” We told him we would be more than happy to show him our reservations and itinerary from previous campgrounds, of which he didn’t care one bit.

After a short stale mate, he said he would be “willing” to “squeeze us” into a site with electricity/water hookup, but no sewage. We said that is not what we reserved originally, but he couldn’t find us a spot with full hookups. He said that he couldn’t help us and that was the end of the conversation, at least for him.

We left, since we realized that talking to him any further wouldn’t do us any good.

Cautionary tale – at least for us, when using a third party service like RPI, we will call ahead and double check in the future, making sure that they have our reservation in their system.

Just to reiterate, we did have an email from RPI confirming our reservation at this campground. But alas, sometimes triple checking is necessary.

All in all, very sad and an unfortunate experience that happened solely because of a person with terrible social and customer service skills.

Like I said, this is the first and only time we have had an experience like this, but it still left us a bit shell shocked.



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