Our Journey

Chapter 8. – London, Ontario – September 2019

The first thing we did upon arriving in London, Ontario was to find a Volvo dealership to check our car. And lucky that we did, because the technician found out that our rear brakes were shot.  They didn’t let us leave and took our car without an appointment since it was a serious issue. After our Volvo was once again right as rain, Dana drove to the nearest store and bought the Volvo service department two cases of beer (for them to share after work). I can’t say nicer things about this dealership – they really took great care of us and our car.

After that we checked into a Marriott Residence Inn for the next three days. We absolutely love Residence Inn – their suites are fabulously spacious and have all the comforts of home – large kitchen, living room, dining area, and a big bedroom, plus all the amenities of a good hotel like a gym and indoor swimming pool. This being a pre COVID world, they also offered a full buffet breakfast every morning.

As we dropped off our car at CANAM RV to get our special hitch installed on our Volvo XC70 – they provided us with a car of their own, so we could stay mobile for the time being.

The installation took longer than they expected, so we had to extend our stay and pick-up our car a day later. As we were picking it up, we heard this huge crash from the outside. Everyone working at the Airstream dealership ran out and so did we.

What we saw was a car wrapped around a tree with smoke coming out of it. Of course, someone grabbed a fire extinguisher and the whole place erupted into chaos. Soon enough an ambulance, the police, and the fire department arrived and took over the scene. We were able to drive off before they closed down the whole section of the road.

A bit of an odd ending to our time in London, Ontario but overall, we couldn’t have been happier with the service we received there.


And with that we drove through Niagara Falls, and back to the United States. The Niagara Falls are an incredible sight to behold, but the whole town around it is just a big tourist trap, in my opinion.

We got charged $30 for parking for 2 hours of walking around. It was definitely our fault for not reading the fine print more carefully and we realized that the parking charged a “flat fee” of $30 regardless if you stayed there an hour or 24 hours.

We also tried an Indian restaurant on one of the side streets and it was definitely a lackluster experience. We were the only customers in the restaurant, which is usually a pretty bad sign.

The food wasn’t terrible, but the whole place looked a bit run down and rather sad. A family came in and ordered food to go. Their kids kept running around and their young son spilled a bowl full of mint on the floor, which the owner (?) simply scooped up and put back in the bowl for customers use on the way out (no these were not individually wrapped mints). The people working there obviously weren’t going to eat them and the people not there will just never know.

Anyway – I would recommend a stop at Niagara Falls, since its truly an incredible experience to see the beauty of the magnificent falls, but make sure you know what you are paying for ahead of time. Even with the setbacks, I am glad we stopped there and walked around.

This was a nice pit stop before our month long stay at Seneca Lake (part of the Finger Lakes area of New York State).

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