NH - New Hampshire

Sandy Beach RV Camp Resort

Season: 05/01 – 10/15

Address: 677 Clement Hill Rd, Contoocook, NH 03229

Website: https://thousandtrails.com/new-hampshire/sandy-beach-rv-camping-resort/

This RV park couldn’t be in a more picturesque area of New Hampshire. Great location, especially during fall for all you autumn foliage lovers, great farms with fresh produce, freshly baked goodies, and State Parks.

The downside is the wooden bridge which has a low clearance and you cannot get through with a trailer. The only way is around through a steep hill on the way in or out of the park.

The park is well maintained and the people working there are nice – although they are sticklers for the speed limit within the park – we always drive around 6 – 8 miles and we were told to slow down. :-/

They have two boards at the entrance to the park, which sometime have information written on them.

One day we were making a fire and within 3 minutes the maintenance people showed up at our site telling us to put out the fire, because the State of NH had a no burning restriction. So, you would think they would put that info on one of the boards, so somebody wouldn’t burn the whole place down?! Just saying.

The laundry room was clean, but only one washing machine was working. Both dryers were working. The price for a load was $2 each for both the wash and the dry, which is really reasonable. You had to go to the office to tell them when you want to do the laundry and then pick up the key from the office.

Our site was nice and spacious with full hook-ups in good condition.

Overall, the best part of this campsite was its location in a prime spot in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Plenty of State Parks, recreational sites, lakes, and hiking around.

There is a small pond/lake inside the campground, which we didn’t have the chance to utilize as they were already packing everything for the end of their season.

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